Economic Chart - Prices 1997 to 2017

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Economic Chart - Prices 1997 to 2017
Tom C
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Medical services and college,

Medical services and college, both financed heavily by the government, went up the most.

I don't believe the increase in child-care services, unless those are government regulated day-care centers. Who, running daycare out of their house, is making more money?

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They're not, but government

They're not, but government regulations have driven their costs higher.
Same thing for the slight increase in food prices.

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All of these increases have

All of these increases have been exacerbated by government action or inaction. Medical and health care are government protected monopolies, particularly the pharmaceutical industry and their government given patent protection. In the capitalist model, the currency naturally devalues with each new issue because it is not consumed but accumulates. A $100 bill makes the rounds as wages and costs and never completes its journey of being consumed. The first dollar bill ever printed still exists, unless it was destroyed, and the estimated total of them in existence as either printed currency or credits in someone's ledger is a staggering $500 trillion.

When the government calculates the cost of living it uses a basket of commodities but does not include the cost of services, particularly that of the government which is the fastest rising of all costs and the most visible because it is reflected in the amount of taxes and the amount of taxes that should be collected to pay for all of it which is now up to over $20 trillion.

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