The effect of Recent Immigrants on America

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The effect of Recent Immigrants on America

Interesting article on how the modern day immigrants affect America. It is not good. As one of the contributors said, multiculturalism is now the by-word of immigration and not assimilation. This is bad because, the reason some countries are prosperous is cultural and governmental. Those people who come from countries whose cultural background and governance is such that they are and will always be poor and their immigrants bring these "loser" paths and ideas with them. If they do not assimilate into our culture, they will only stay poor here.

"Hence, if immigrants come to the U.S. with mentalities that produce poverty in the nations they left, they now tend to keep them instead of adopting principles that create prosperity."

opportunities are few and expectations for socioeconomic mobility are low….

"the “youth culture is profoundly anti-academic, regarding ‘studious’ as a socially undesirable epithet.”

"young people “perpetuate an oppositional culture that hinders them from acquiring the skills needed to succeed in American society.

Just Facts on Immigration