Gender Equality - but science!

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Gender Equality - but science!

Claims that scientific studies are bad science, then justifies this claim with... you guessed it... bad science.

The book that fights sexism with science

Myth: There is such a thing as a typical male brain and a typical female brain from birth

Fact: Research has found that only the tiniest gaps, if any, exist between boys’ and girls’ fine motor skills, ability to perform mental rotations, spatial visualisation, mathematical ability, verbal fluency and vocabulary. Under normal conditions, large gaps between boys and girls haven’t been found by scientists studying the typical development of babies. In fact, the overlap between the sexes is so huge that scientists have struggled to find and replicate results that suggest there is any real gap at all.

Not a valid assertion. Only cites a study of babies, and since the development of the brain isn't finished until the 20s (some scientists claim 30s) and this development clearly occurs under the influence of hormones, the cited evidence is not sufficient to draw conclusions about the whole human lifespan. Science studies factors by holding all other factors constant - ignoring variations (in this case, by restricting scope to babies) doesn't meet this requirement, and renders any conclusions invalid.

Calling other science invalid because of bias, and then demonstrating bias of your own, is pretty lousy argument.

The two other assertions are strawmen, designed to make the first look more palatable. No valid evidence is cited to support those conclusions.

Anyone who hasn't noticed that women are better at multi-tasking hasn't been paying attention, despite the claim here.

Everyone already knows that brain size is not a valid determinant of intelligence; several studies of actual brains have so far failed to find any link, even when the brains have been those of actual geniuses.

Worse, this book is now being provided to schools (in the UK) to influence the young. Submitting it to peer review would be a better idea.