More Good News in the Tax Plan?

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More Good News in the Tax Plan?
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There is no good news in the

There is no good news in the tax plan except for those who work and will get to keep more of what they earn. For the vast majority who do not work the government will have to print (borrow) more currency and give everyone on the dole an increase to offset the purchasing power of the increased amount of the currency.

Melvin Udall
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Except for those who work,

Except for those who work, and their families, or perhaps except for those who are on taxable pensions and IRA's and their families, and who knows who else.....

Yup. There's nothing for anybody except those who are the great unwashed in pmcon's eyes.

And of course, as he describes in his book, the economy is a static system. Total economic activity neither expands or contracts based on externalities.

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@pmcon: what about the part

@pmcon: what about the part where we borrow money from China to hand out to everyone? Free money! Isn't that good news??!!

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