We cannot afford peace

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We cannot afford peace

Following World War II, the military industrial complex suffered a huge setback, particularly those firms who benefited the most for converting their production to that suitable for war or had come into existence solely for that purpose. I refer primarily to the automobile and aircraft industries. The entrenched firms, the big three auto firms and Boeing, Douglas and Lockheed were particularly affected when the likes of Henry Kaiser and others converted their war plants to civilian production in competition with the prewar giants.

To accommodate the new upstarts and accommodate the returning veterans, a new nemesis had to be found to replace Hitler and keep all these firms solvent. Stalin and the advent of the cold war satisfied that need. Russia had helped win the war at significant cost and was essentially a basket case following its victory, bought and paid for by arms supplied by the United States for which Russia repaid nothing. It too needed a scape goat to get it out of the slump the war had created. It more than willingly opted to become our nemesis, knowing full well it was never going to nor was it capable of invading the United States. The cold war and its battles, in Korea, Vietnam and China allowed Russia to pursue the war, basically at the expense of the United States while reviving the Russian economy. A lot of the arms they were producing came from the countries whose hegemony they were given as a gift, after the war by the United States. Britain, in particular Churchill, argued against it. Deeply in debt to the United States, Britain acquiesced to Truman, a willing pawn in the pay of the moneyed interests that put him in power. He was naïve to the downside because the moneyed interests told him there wasn’t any. They were right at the time but thinking short term they failed to recognize it. Hundreds of thousands of jobs depend on having a nemesis that justifies the huge expense of a war machine.

Now we have created a monster that must continue to be fed. If it isn’t, hundreds of thousands will be out of work as well as those that live off them. The unemployed during the 1930s drought and subsequent Great Depression weathered it because nature relented and in less than two years the crops returned. This one is man-made and long term and if you don’t work you don’t survive. The next depression is already upon us and the numbers that now depend on government and private charity for their survival keeps increasing. Nearly 100% of the government’s debt is pension payments to workers who’s retirement savings were spent and never saved.

Neither Russia, nor anyone else, least of all the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, have designs on the United States, other than to wreck our economy at which they have been extremely successful. The entire Transportation Safety Administration, numbering in the thousands owe their job to the 17 terrorist who brought down the Trade Center and part of the Pentagon. Gorbachov recognized the folly of this artificial war and sacrificed his country and its satellites in the process. Russia is now even less likely to be a threat than before and is stronger because of its oil and gas. Its wealth however, like all that of the United States is in private hands. The former Soviet Republics, Syria and Iran are the only customers remaining for their diminished military industrial complex. They either are or rapidly becoming economic basket cases. Recent actions by the United States have greatly extended the economic life of the government of Iran and we got nothing in return save their promise not to develop nuclear weapons which they were never going to use anyway. We have several of them too, namely India, Pakistan, Egypt, Israel and the whole of South America and most of the Caribbean nations. Russia was quick to pull out of Cuba and our rushing in to take its place is an action of utter folly,

Only the United States has the military might to fight a successful war against anyone and we won’t do it because success in war is measured only in the differential between how many of the enemy you kill as opposed to your own losses. It is why Hitler, with his massive war machine did not invade Switzerland. They got ready after the attacks on Poland and France and Hitler most likely would have lost more troops than the Swiss, who had really no troops at all. The smart Swiss recently almost convinced a majority of their country to abandon even their current very small army and air force as an unneeded luxury. The Kurds have warded off the Turks and the Iraqis for decades and all they want is to be left alone.

The Irish Republican Army (IRA) committed terrorist acts against only the British. It was because Britain was helping their enemy. When this same situation developed against the forces massed against the State of Israel, the Palestinians and their backers reacted against the States that supported Israel, namely the U. S. and its puppets in NATO. When the Spanish pulled out of the combine of helpers, terrorist acts stopped. The lessons of history, clear as a bell, have been ignored because the military industrial complex needs a nemesis, regardless of how farfetched their actual threat is.

Germany survived a similar situation regarding their debt because their debt was for replacement of money already spent. Our debt is to the millions of government workers and Social Security recipients with money yet to be earned. Hitler got out of it by refusing to pay the reparations. It was United States bankers who bought the bonds that enabled Hitler to revive the German economy and start World War II. If our government decides survival depends on cancelling the future payments promised retirees, those retirees only course of action is revolt against the government. That is what happened in Greece just a few short years ago. We will not have European Union bankers to bail us out.